A little bit about how we started....

In the beginning

It started as a love story. When my wife Lisa and I first met we discovered a mutual fondness for all things spicy. She bought me a chilli plant when we moved in together and it was nurturing this little fella that led to me experimenting with growing and combining different herbs and spices to create the perfect chilli sauce.

When friends and colleagues started scrambling for bottles of my sauces I knew I was onto something bigger!

Our sauces are still homemade with love in West Sussex but now, a decade on, you can buy them online and from various fairs, markets and shops.

It’s not all about the heat

I believe the perfect chilli sauce is about more than the burn - it’s about depth of flavour and that’s what I’m always striving to create.

Our range

OK, so I’m not a real doctor, but I think I can prescribe a sauce for just about every occasion!

Experiment with our range of five - from the smooth, mild Southern Sunset through the BBQ-friendly Sussex Scorcher and on to the super-hot Great Escape. MAN SAUCE is our hottest!

You can also add some fire to your cooking with our seasonings and rubs, combining the best salts, peppercorns, herbs, and - of course - chillies!

We care

Our chillies, herbs and vegetables are homegrown and most of our other ingredients are locally sourced. We pack in all the good stuff and none of the nasties. Our sauces are vegan, the only preservative we use is vinegar and our bottles are fully recyclable. We even use repurposed packaging.

Join our chilli love story! 

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