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Barmy British Chicken Drumsticks

Hi everyone!!

I trust you are all doing better than the summer we’ve had?! Well hey, if the weather has got you down and you are starting to feel the Autumn nip in the air, get some Dr Parky’s Special Sauce in side you!!!

Lots of people ask 'What's the best way to use my special sauce?' .... Well actually there are many ways to cook with it and why not use it as a marinade too?

So here it is, a simple easy and mouth wateringly tasty way to spice up chicken drumsticks... or as we call them in hour house, chicken lollipops. :)

Grab some fresh or defrosted chicken, put it in a tub and poke some holes in it with a sharp knife (I’ll explain later).

Next pour a decent amount of sauce over the chicken. Cover the chicken and place in the fridge overnight – or if you are not that prepared leave, in the fridge for as long as you can.

The reason for poking the holes in the chicken with a knife is so that as the chicken rests it will take in the Dr Parky’s special sauce into the meat rather than just flavouring the outside.

Slap your meat on the BBQ, grab a cold beer!

When you turn the chicken for the first time, add another splash of Dr Parkys.

Keep cooking and turning until you are sure the chicken is cooked through.

Serve and wash down with a cold beer or cider, wine or whatever takes your fancy. But mostly, enjoy!

I used Barmy British this time but I use Southern Sunset for my little one as she doesn’t like her food too spicy.

You can use any of the sauces in this way, depending on how hot you like it. And remember when you cook with a sauce it won’ be as hot as it is straight out of the bottle.

Well I hope that gives you something to think about and liven up you BBQ or Braai :)

Enjoy the taste sensation!

Lots of Chilli Love from Dr Parky

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