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DR Parky and what to do with BBQ left overs – Saucy Sausage Eggy Cheesy Bread Thing

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Plenty's of Sausages!!

Another successful BBQ (braai) this Saturday and if I might add, a rather conservative one for the Parky household. Mrs Park didn’t go nuts this time and buy up a whole butchers shop which meant very little left over the next day!!!

Not only was I shocked when I looked in the fridge Sunday morning, but also had a creative head on and fancied something different.

I’d seen a recipe similar to this, using ham and peppers and thought today would be the day to give it a go, with some added Dr Parkys zing and whatever else I could rustle up!!


2x leftover cooked sausages

Baby Tomatoes

1x leftover new potato


Dr Parkys Sussex Scorcher

Dr Parkys Spitfire seasoning

Branston pickle


And here's what I did:

Diced up the two sausages and one new potato.

Diced mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.

I also decided to use some frozen sweetcorn, to trick myself into thinking it’s a healthy meal!!

Grated some cheese

Cut squares out of 4 slices of bread, make sure you use a good sharp clean knife. Make sure you also leave a decent chunk around the outside. If the bread breaks doing this cut some more as it wont work when frying.

I used 4 eggs in total and 1 good tablespoon of Dr Parkys Sussex Scorcher.

Give the eggs and sauce a right good beating!!

Sprayed a tiny amount of oil in the pan and added the frozen sweetcorn first, then added mushrooms and tomatoes.

Added the sausage and potatoes last. When slightly fried, positioned all ingredients into a square.

Added bread, on top.

Poured in just enough egg mix to fill the square and cover ingredients.

Placed cut piece of bread on top of the ingredients and fried until bread started to

toast – fry on a low heat to avoid burning!!

Here’s the tricky bit - trying to judge when it’s time to flip!! With your spatula, keep checking and sliding underneath the bread until you think that the ingredients have bonded. Then turn over!

I added some Branston pickle as I love it with these sorts of ingredients.

I then added the grated cheese on top, continued to fry until cheese starts to melt!

And there you have it another taste sensation prescribed by Dr Parky!!

Great thing with this Sunday morning treat is, you can use pretty much any ingredients. The same as you would an omelette, for instance, I had Branston pickle on mine but Mrs Park did not as she’s not keen and preferred more mushrooms instead.

But as you may of guessed it, it was still not hot enough for Mrs Park (asbestos mouth), so she spiced hers up with plenty of Dr Parkys ‘Spitfire Seasoning’ once served.

Well I hope you give it a try as it’s a proper meal on it’s own that will keep you going throughout the day. Not only is it quite simple to make but doesn’t take to long either.

Always use Dr Parkys sauce responsibly and add a little spice to your life!!


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