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DR Parky and what to do with BBQ left overs – Sausage addition

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Once again we’ve had another successful BBQ or Braai, which you may remember from the last blog we have as often as possible at the Parky house hold.

As I’ve mentioned before, my wife’s of south African descent and has the tendency to cater for a small army, so we end up with quite a bit of leftovers.

This brings me to the blog with what to do with sausages the next day. Apparently knocking on next door in the morning saying do you want some sausage is not a good idea!! (some people have no sense of humour).

Anyway one Sunday I was mine sweeping the kitchen for breakfast with a slightly sore head (must have been the fumes from the BBQ). I looked in the fridge and discovered some very sad looking sausages from the night before and didn’t fancy eating them cold on their own. Then Lisa mentioned she fancied cheese on toast.

That was it!!! My overworked brain suddenly sprang into action and I thought that’s it - we can make this work.

So here’s what I did:

Slightly toast one side of the bread under the grill

Cut some nice Cheddar and placed on top of the un-toasted side of the bread.

Put some Dr Parkys ‘Balmy British’ chilli sauce with Branston pickle on top of the cheese – I also put some ‘Spitfire’ on one slice, instead of the sauce as a comparison.

I then placed all back under the grill until the cheese started to melt.

Cut the left over sausages in slices and place all back under the grill until the cheese started bubbling again.

Bang there you go!! Another quick, simple taste sensation from Dr Parky!

Dr Parky only uses sustainable sausages from sustainable sausage trees. If you still do not like the poor treatment that they receive, they can be exchanged with a vegetarian substitute.

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