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Dr Parkys and what to do with BBQ left overs – PIZZA TIME AT DR PARKY’S

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

You guessed it another successful BBQ (Braai) at the Parky household! We were lucky enough to have friends over from Brussels and so it was only fit to fire up the BBQ and converse while having the odd drink or two. As usual I get so engrossed in the cooking and the drinking that by the time it’s time to serve I’m not that hungry.

So we all went out for Sunday lunch the following day, got back and chatted about what to do with the leftovers for tea.

Now who doesn’t love a meat feast Pizza – vegetarians and vegans I expect but lets not leave them out, as I’m sure they can use an animal free base, add vegetables and then add plenty of Dr Parky’s special sauce and still have a taste sensation!!

Using leftovers on a pizza couldn’t be simpler really but I hope that doing the blog might help inspire people to not throw leftovers away and create their own taste sensation.

The Base

Its all about the base! We were lucky enough that our good friend Michael is an amazing chef and offered to make our bases from scratch. I had to include some photos of the prep as I wanted to show how we improvised proving the dough by sticking it in the greenhouse (top right photo) – love that!!

So for speed keep some bases in the freezer or use a mix and follow the instructions.

I will do blog on homemade bases when I have a go myself and can give you all exact measurements and quantities.

The Sauce

Finely chop some garden herbs of your choice, or use Italian seasoning from the spice rack (about a tea spoon).

Add ½ a teaspoon of salt and ½ a teaspoon of pepper.

Added 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and ¾ of a packet of tomato pesto stuff.

Added 4 teaspoons of DR Parkys ‘Sussex Scorcher’ and then stir all together.

Finely chop some left over burgers and sausages.

Lightly spread the sauce over the base and added just a slight sprinkling of (cheddar) cheese.

I added a good helping of chopped up burgers and sausages, black olives and another sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Placed on an oiled tray and put in the oven for 300 degrees (or as hot as your oven goes) for approx. 10 minutes.

Timing and temperature may vary depending on what type of base you use and what your oven is like.

And there you go, another taste sensation from Dr Parkys BBQ leftovers!!

Please feel free to mix and match toppings of your choice such as chicken, lamb kebabs - the choice is endless!

You can even try the vegetarian option but please remember to use the key ingredient Dr Parky’s special sauce ‘putting spice into people’s life since 1974’

ENJOY !!!!!!!!!

(Dr Parky’s special sauce must be used responsibly – stay from naked flames the following day)

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