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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I thought I’d do a quick blog on something different this time; on something other than recipes or leftovers - Composting!

As you all probably know now, I grow all my own chillies and as expected for someone that makes chilli sauce I need one hell of a lot, to say the least.

As Dr Parkys gets bigger and bigger, we have needed more space and so have taken on an allotment this year.

This is the first year I have only been trialing the ‘not so hot’ peppers out of eye sight while I have been continuing to grow the ‘mega hot burn your bum’ babies in pots in the garden where I can examine them every night ( I don’t need to but they are my precious babies).

As you can imagine I need one hell of a lot of compost. As from previous blogs, you know I hate waste and so any vegetable scraps, grass cutting, tea bags, coffee grounds, hedge cuttings etc. all goes into our compost bins (made out of pallets by my fair hands).

At the start of the growing season I have plenty of well broken down compost from the 1st bin, which I mix with last year’s pot compost and a little bit of fresh brought in – makes a lovely growing medium in which I have had great results.

But getting near the end of the planting season, the last of homemade compost hasn’t broken down enough and I’ve run dry of old compost in plant pots, so rather than buy in lots of new compost here is what I do.

Rather than spending lots on new compost to fill my pots, I half fill them with the compost that’s not had time to fully break down.

I then add paper as weed control. Most of the paper I use is from work left at the photocopier (I hate waste even at work). Obviously you can use newspaper but try not to use any sort of shiny paper as this generally will contain some sort of toxin not liked by the plants and won’t break down too well.

I then add some newly bought compost and solid all purpose plant food.

Add the new plant (this one's called Steve) and compact new compost around the plant.

Photo Above – Steve is first on the right

The idea behind the paper is to prevent and weeds coming through and growing, but will continue to compost. The idea being so when the paper finally rots away and goes through it’s nice fresh feed for the plant and saves on the amount of shop bought compost having to be used.

This is the second year I have used this method and have had great success with plenty of fruit off every plant.

As I’ve said many times I hate waste and especially hate buying stuff. So much you may even have noticed the hard hat hanging basket in the top right of the above picture.

This is just one example of the many things we can all use to help cut down on our carbon footprint and do out our bit for the planet


Dr Parky (Eco warrior)

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