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Halloumi Chilli Blankets

Halloumi Chilli Blankets

Hi!! Dr Parky here and welcome to my first blog. I’ve not done a blog before but I thought it was time to start sharing with the world some of the simple but tasty sensations I create plus a few other projects and interesting bits and pieces I do from time to time.

Being married to a South African and my love of fire means that we BBQ any chance we get , or braai in my wife’s case.

The problem with a BBQ/braai is, it can get a bit boring, especially if you’re only cooking for a family of 3 as you fall into the rut of just cooking sausages and burgers. Sometimes you want a quick meal and still have the whole outdoor cooking experience, without making things to complicated.

So knowing that the sun was going to shine at the weekend I started going through some of the recipes on Pinterest and came across one of the most simplest of things to do.

There it was - Halloumi cheese in blankets. Nice I thought, but it would be much nicer with some of Dr Parkys special sauce injected into the recipe to make it a taste sensation.

Now I thought it best to start with the mildest sauce in the range ‘Southern Sunset’ but trust me I’ve since used the hottest LOVERLY XXXX

Anyway before I start salivating too much back to the most simple recipe on the planet:

1. Get some bacon, try for a very low salt variety if possible

2. Put a nice spread of Dr Parkys sauce on one side of the Bacon

3. Cut Halloumi in to nice size chunks (at least the width of the bacon)

4. Wrap the bacon around the cheese with sauce side on the inside

5. Slap onto the BBQ/braai and keep turning until the bacon goes crisp

What I love is, is this takes seconds to make but makes the BBQ/braai much more interesting and different from the norm!

Well I hope I have given you some inspiration and something new to experiment with on the BBQ/braai. As I said earlier its quick and simple but makes you look like you know what you’re doing when friends and family come round.

Best served on a plate with more meat, more chilli sauce and washed down with plenty of beer (bacon is sometimes a bit salty so beer does help. Honest!! )

Well there you go that’s my first blog hope you enjoyed it and hope you try it out. Sauces can be found at

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